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As a refugee immigrant herself,  Attorney Sivongxay has gone through the immigration and naturalization processes and shares your concerns about connecting with family and friends.  With a first-hand understanding of the issues surrounding these legal procedures, she will work compassionately on your behalf. 

Whether your goal is to obtain a visa, change your immigration status, or become a naturalized United States citizen, the legal process can be complex, daunting, and time-consuming.  Immigration law is constantly changing.  A minor mistake or failure to comply with regulations can delay your application or cause the denial of your request.

Attorney Sivongxay can provide you with legal guidance to get your application correct the first time and to develop an immigration plan that makes the process as easy as possible.

Permanent Resident
​Immigration Services
A visa allows non-US citizens entry into the United States.  

If you are a non-US citizen or a non-permanent resident, you might be eligible to apply for one of two types of visas: (1) a non-immigrant visa** for a temporary basis or, (2) an immigrant visa for permanent residency.  

**The type of non-immigrant visa depends on the reason for your travel to the United States. Whether it is for studying, temporary business travel, as an exchange, or as a tourist, our immigration attorney can help.
A green-card allows an individual to permanently live and work in the United States.

Sivongxay Law can help individuals who are interested in obtaining a green card through family-based immigrant visas or employment-based immigrant visas.

The process of permanent residency can be very complex.  The first step of the application process requires that either a US Citizen and lawful permanent resident, or your employer, files a petition with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  After the USCIS approves the petition, the US Department of State's National Visa Center (NVC) processes the visa--which involves reviewing the visa application, affidavits of support, and any additional documents.
To become a US Citizen after birth, you must meet certain requirements within the two categories: (1) acquiring citizenship through parents or, (2) applying for naturalization.

Most naturalization applicants must take an exam.  The naturalization exam tests the applicant's ability to listen, speak and write in English as well as knowledge of United States civics (US history and government).  

Military members and their dependents may qualify for citizenship under different requirements.
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